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The promoters of the Company has Supplied, Installed & Commissioned the above said systems across the India & neighboring countries. We wish to inform you that our company has associated in execution of megawatt Scale Solar power plants in India. We have a dedicated team to implement Solar Power Projects from the initial project idea to the installation and maintenance, using the best available materials and components with highly qualified professionals.
  • We carefully choose world class quality raw material suppliers strictly adhering to IEC/ BIS standards.
  • Multi-point quality control checks at each and every stage of manufacturing/ assembly process.
  • 100% performance testing of Solar PV panels through Sun simulator.
  • MNRE Performance Test Report

DO's of Solar Street Light System:

1. Make sure that the Direct sunlight is falling on the Solar module

2. Make sure that the Solar module surface is clean. Use water for cleaning the surface.

3. Make sure that the fuse is replaced with correct rating.

DONT'S of Solar Street Light System:

1. Do not pour acid, detergent etc to clean the solar module surface.

2. Do not cover the solar module with protective grills etc, as this will reduce the light falling on the solar module.

3. Do not try to service / repair the Luminary. Call the service personnel.

4. Never short the battery either directly or indirectly.

5. Direct sunlight on the battery should be avoided.

Installation of Solar Street Light System:

1. Identify a suitable place where Light is required and is free from shadows for installation of Solar Street Light system.

2. Prepare a trench of about 3 feet depth for laying the foundation for the Pole.

3. Fix the module mounting structure and Luminary with bend pipe to the Pole.

4. Make the interconnections between Luminary and Modules and leave the cable open for connecting the same to Battery.

5. Place the Pole duly fixed with Luminary and Modules into the trench.

6. Fill the trench with stones and concrete.

7. Place suitable supports for proper erection of Streetlight.

8. Remove the supporters after the foundation is dried.

9. Place the Battery into the battery box and connect the cable.

10. Solar streetlight starts operating immediately after the Battery connections are made.

11. Make sure that the Battery connections are made early in the morning, as to charge the battery for necessary topping up.

Solar Panels

Certified panels of outputs ranging from 3Wp to 290Wp
both Mono and Multi-crystalline

  • Ideal for large commercial and Solar farm applications.
  • >15% efficiency, polycrystalline cells

Solar Baterries

Solar Street Lights

Solar modules consist of Solar cells connected in between for the desired parameters. Solar cells generate electricity when direct sunlight fall on it and is multiplied based on the number of cells used. The generated electricity is used to charge the Battery through a Charge Controller. Thus the generated energy is stored in a Battery. The lighting load is connected to the battery through CCU incorporated in the Luminary itself. The lights will be switched ON automatically as soon as the Sun sets and switches OFF when Sun rises in other words the Light will operate from Dusk to Dawn automatically.

The Charge Controller (CCU) is the heart of the system, which controls the charging, discharging of the battery, Solar module and the light. CCU will increase the Battery life by not allowing the battery to deep discharge and overcharge. During deep discharge conditions the CCU will disconnect the light and a red LED glows on the Luminary indicating that the Battery is low and needs charging. The green LED on the Luminary indicates that the Battery is resuming charge. During overcharge conditions the CCU will disconnect the Solar module and prevents overcharging of the Battery.

All the Solar Street Lighting systems are designed for three days of autonomy i.e. if there is no Sun available or direct Sunlight is not available, the light can still be used for a maximum of three days without any interruption.


* Automatic Dust to Dawn Controller (DTDC) Timer Operation

* Highly Efficient charge controller and inverter

* Two Step Charging Algorithm

* Weather Proof Luminaries

* UV Stabilized luminary case and canopy

* Temperature compensated battery set points

* Anodized Aluminium Reflector

* Customized Solutions will be provided

Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heating Systems provide reliable solutions for a variety of hot water heating applications, which includes both domestic and industrial applications.

 Solar Water Heating Systems provide you years of dependable service. Each part of the system is designed for high efficiency and durability due to the stringent internal quality control measure employed by G Enginium. The systems also come with an optional back-up coil to heat water during rainy season, and a temperature gauge to measure the temperature.
Solar Water Heating Systems are available in a wide range of capacities right from 100/200/300/500 in multiple Liters per day (LPD), depending on the application of hot water and temperature of hot water required.


Reliable and Durable
Trouble free performance
Proven & Reliable Canadian Technology
Low maintenance
High efficiency collectors
Wide range of capacities
Can withstand temperature of more than 300C
Optional Electrical backup
Last for more than 10 years
Electrical Backup Facility

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